Anna Krivolapova

two poems by anna krivolapova

B’s Jar of Flies

In her little way she loves them all 
she loves them when they slip and fall 
soundlessly on glass 
silent rap on the glass

weak little legs looking like 
beard hairs in a bathroom sink 

every once in a while she lets one out
lets him up her white legs 
til she smacks an itch on her thigh while sunbathing 

Joan Didion’s Packing List

 2 skirts, 2 jerseys—Joan knew to pack light. That’s
1 bourbon bottle to protect her from night and
1 mohair throw to protect her from pipes.

Who throws the throw if the woman’s alone?
Who tips the bourbon down into her throat?
Who rubs the toothpaste all over her teeth?
Who strips the woman of her myelin sheath?

ANNA KRIVOLAPOVA writes and translates poetry and short stories, and has an upcoming novel up the sleeve of her tracksuit.

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