Yuu Ikeda

two poems by yuu ikeda

A Swimming Bird

The bird is swimming
in the ocean of spring.

A line of cloud
cheers her up
by showing the way
to the horizon.

I'm seeing them,
on the ground,
hoping that
I'm also able to
go to the horizon
that releases me
from cramped loneliness.


The cipher that I want to solve most
is floating around me
and flowing in my veins.

The difficulty gives me
craving for life.
The vulnerability kindles
my desire.

The cipher that I want to solve most
flickers every midnight,
as if it tells me that
I can't solve the depth eternally.

YUU IKEDA is a Japan-based poet. She loves writing, drawing, and reading mystery novels. She writes poetry on her website. Her published poems can be found in Nymphs, Selcouth Station Press, Sublunary Review, Remington Review, and more. Her Twitter and Instagram: @yuunnnn77

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