To Taste by Socorva De Corb

the recipe flows sweetly:

into a broth of dire fear 
	add pinch of fight 
		and maybe two of fuck
heap in chopped stems of flight
	season with lust and pride
		stir with a slothful spoon
sauté in slick of greed
	roast in a pyre of wrath
		speckle with green of envy
 nurse hunger, then pour it all
	into a pot of days, one after another 

what is man, that you are mindful of him
a pile of tortured secrets
a set of trivial exploits
numerator for God
single serving
of and for

  1. logos / the Word

SOCORVA DE CORB, reformed sinner, hails from Balkan hinterlands, has migrated to the great Lone Star state and now tends to corvid cousins & fears all of the gods.

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