Where Slept the Dogs in a Cloud of Flies (3 poems) by Ayton Monteiro

Nox occupat Una

The red lollipop fell, and crack’d
to many shatterings; in Noon’s likeness.

Emilia picked a
man from the streets.

They found us full of the Spirit

Passing Avenue Cabral
there’s a wood link to a blue church,
a Pentecostal church, and she has the shape of a star with ferns on her hand.
At Antônio Barreto St. there is
or there was
a house,
white and with blue writing all over it;
verses from the Bible, about the start
and the end.
I looked for it today, but
I think they painted over
with ugly flowers.

from Jurandir’s “First Morning”

“The bolt into the mombin-tree 
killed sixteen pigs, inside
the house it
broke a pillar, and the room
where Luciana was cast:
now Open with a strike.”

“The lightning also o
pens me a way, a path,
not in the streets,
the clouds,
the river,
no, in myself, in this
greenish and secret
I am.”

And “the glasses shone.”

AYRTON MONTEIRO writes from Pará, Brazil, from the very core of the Amazon rainforests. He’s been published in Azure Bell and will be part of a large Brazilian poetry anthology, which is yet to come. 

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