Graveyard Rubbing / Your Favorite Band by Will Waltz

Graveyard Rubbing

stepping stones all rightside down
save me and weather hates it
all inward letters scrape d signs
drool dog waiting just outside
I keep all dates folded close
til wind forces
hand to let
a second fly by empty
and all these rubbings turned to leaves
all papers rustle at all feet

Your Favorite Band

A peach split open with rough fingertips
dollar bills crammed between your lips
one warty arm of a halfman
forced thru the doorcrack
and on lessons on the carpet
after the cashboxlock…….

and, if it would please you,
above the clinkedup darkness,
beyond the castle gates
of a garden and a gaze
of a white-haired witch
to answer ring
that (my burning bright)
red telephone?

WILL WALTZ can be found on Twitter and in St. Louis, Missouri. He contributes most often to Apocalypse Confidential.

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