MADAME BOTOX, by David Earl Williams

i think it's nice the way they
paralyzed your face
to match the hearts and minds
that surround you

but, I have a message for you
from Dia de Los Muertos,
says Don Quixote –
stop roamin' round to doctor's offices, it says –

come home
come home
the calacas and calaveras
love n want you –

they are awaiting you with worship n marigolds

and not a single word of reproach, you mad, sad Quioterita

DAVID EARL WILLIAMS was born deep down near the bottom of the Ethnocentric Gorge and grew up on the banks of the great Ethnocentric River just like everybody else who was ever temporarily alive. Recent publications include: Black Scat Review #25, Parliament Lit Journal, Fleas On the Dog #11, Aji, Class Collective, and Millennial Pulp magazines, Qwerty, and The Decadent Review.

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