Their Destiny / A Clown’s Hope by Yuu Ikeda

Their Destiny

The gray sky exposes
silhouettes of

I don't know their destiny.
They don't know my destiny.
I don't know the sun.
They don't know the sun.

The gray sky makes me imagine
the blue sky, even in raindrops.

But I don't know blue.
They don't know blue.

A Clown’s Hope

I'm a faceless clown
who can't appear on any circuses.
My eyes don't look at anything.
My ears don't listen to anything.
Bloodless skin doesn't want anything.
I'm just a hopeless clown
who can't ride on an unicycle.
I may give up everything.
When I do so,
what will happen?
Nothing may happen.
Phantasmal happiness may come to me.

YUU IKEDA is a Japan-based poet. She loves writing, drawing, and reading mystery novels. She writes poetry on her website. Her published poems can be found in Nymphs, Selcouth Station Press, Sublunary Review, Remington Review, and more. Her Twitter and Instagram: @yuunnnn77

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