This Trailer Will Collapse and Fertilize the Earth by Alex Osman

Passed on a college degree
This whole time I wanted a dancing primate
I've never seen three crooked cops watching those late night talk shows
Put it in reverse, you just want to be loved
Put it in neutral, a tragic stilt charade
I don't give a shit
Exhaust fumes remain nostalgic
Microwave dinners melting in a vacuum
Lawn gnomes don't practice basic hygiene
Hand-me-down knickknacks from porno geeks
A chicken beheaded
A chicken unbreaded
That cartilage will come back in style
Neighbor presented the blade
9-year-old anger management case
The eyes of Rick Ramirez
Riding a chicken through the eye of a tornado
Grinding its organs to make his final meal
I was the organ grinder on the trampoline performing with a dancing primate

ALEX OSMAN lives in Austin, TX and is the author of the collection Problem Child, published by Expat Press. Alex likes to drink soda. Miss Lippy’s car is green. 

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