Maximus wants you to submit.

But before you submit to Maximus, a journal/magazine/online repository of poetry, please take a short look at what we’re looking for on our About page.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please remember to withdraw them in an appropriate amount of time if your submission is accepted elsewhere. The plan is to publish every couple of months, or longer, as long as the criteria for submissions are met. Submissions are free (as they should be) if you submit via email, but as of yet, we are unable to pay for submissions.

And we mean it.

Submissions for issue two are now closed.

Submit up to 3 poems of any length (with a short bio) to or submit via Duotrope, linked below, where the same restrictions apply. Please do not submit more than once per publication cycle.

By submitting to Maximus you agree that it has first serial rights to your work. Once published, rights to your work revert back to you.

Submit through Duosuma

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